BAMnews ~ November, 2002

will have their next meeting on
WEDNESDAY, the 11th of December, 2002,
at Foothill College, Rm P-24, Geology Bldg, Los Altos Hills, CA

Champion Mine Night

Admission to this event will be the sharing for one evening, your prized possession wrought by hammer and chisel from hard rock, or the removal of several yards of earth, or even the sweatless but painful lightening of your wallet. There is no program planned other than to say I will be bringing a few slides of past rock pounding trips to present. I encourage others to do so also. No need to be shy!

The BAM field trip to Champion Mine last October was, if all accounts can be believed, wildly successful. Check out Chaz'z photo documentary at Baymin's web site. Kudus to him and Manual Labore for making it a success.

At November's meeting, Rick led a continuing discussion of the ethics of mineral collecting & dealing. There are those who said that the subject was greatly elucidated and clarified. Myself, I felt the matter to be much like the differences between Mesolite and Thomsonite..... a bit fuzzy. But that is unfair. There was an eagerness to discuss the subtleties of this difficult question, there being many numerous gentle opinions voiced among those present. Thanks to John Richardson and John Sulzbach for the great cookie sheet.

- BAM field trip to Darwin area tentatively set for last week in April 2003. That week might start the 19th or 26th. Visit the Field Activity area of this web site for updates.

This is the last edition of the Year. Unless otherwise notified of a special January function, we meet again in March following Tucson.

Are you going to Tucson? Do you want to get together there, chat matters over, drown a few brewskies, boast about how empty your checking account is now? Contact Rick K. 408 255 9798 / 408 984 5595 for meeting place, date, time. A great opportunity to engage other Bamites.

Joe Cernac 1219 Singletary Ave
San Jose, CA 95126 408 292 5465 /