BAMnews, Vol. 1 No. 3 ~ May, 2003

will have their next meeting on
WEDNESDAY, the 14th of May, 2003,
at Foothill College, Rm P-24, Geology Bldg, Los Altos Hills, CA

For the many of you who missed the Darwin Trip, it was the mother of all springs, wildflowers in abundance on the Sierra East side, the finest Išve seen it. But you've all hard core. Then let me tell you that the dumps of Darwin will reward those who do some deep digging. Show and tell at the meeting. Ditto at Zinc Hill, but my one recall is that it has seen better days. Several years back I remember easy pickings of beautiful small zugs of hemimorphite, this time there were few, and those were of calcite. But the pounding is therapeutic.

Chas Nelson was instructed to take out domain rights for baymin at a cost of about 135 dollars for a 9 year period. Payable upfront.

Chas also adds that that obscure generic mineral, zeolite, species trade secret, is now being used as a clotting agent for wounds. It seems that the pore sizing easily allows water to escape, leaving behind everything else, concentrating it and clotting agents and mechanisms, greatly speeding up a normal healing action.

Summer is nearly upon us. Who wants to host the summer picnic / horse trade event / silent auction? Your opportunity to show off your wonderful mineral showcase.

Lastly, it's been five years or more that I've been noticeperson. I've regularly sent out a notice as well as editorial information that I've hoped given everyone pleasure on those irrelevant details of this field. And of course I've included a few out of context April 1 editions. Now, I'm finding myself over extended with other responsibilities. I plan on not being noticeperson for the fall....This is a call for all interested people to step forward. No requirements necessary. This is your opportunity to have your own bullying pulpit. Think of it! .....the suppressed poet, the scientist who never got a journal acceptance, the joy of seeing your own words in print, the delight you get when a member calls you up to tell you he read the newsletter.... and was wondering if the meeting day was changed (because the template wasn't). The possibilities endless.

See you at the meeting.

Joe Cernac
1219 Singletary Ave
San Jose, CA 95126     408 292 5465