BAMnews ~ May, 2002

THE BAY AREA MINERALOGISTS will have their next meeting on WEDNESDAY, the 12th of June, 2002 at Foothill College, Rm P-24, Geology Bldg, Los Altos Hills, CA

Chris Dileonardo gave a note worthy presentation on the Mineralization of Faults at our last meeting. Good general science that ties crystals into the the nature world. Kudos to Chris.

The Garnet Hill field trip was last month. Every one in attendance promised to show up to the next meeting with their cleaned specimens. Come to Foothill college to see what avid BAMers have brought back.

This newsletter marks the last one until September. The only exception being is the possibility of a Summer BAM picnic. Make it happen. Volunteer your good will and casa. Agenda item.

Not much new material, and Išve been too busy to make it up. (April Fools just might e any month) Help! Material needed desperately.

A BAM field trip to Champion Mine is coming about this October. Be a planner, contact Fen at 831 423 4138.

Joe Cernac