BAMnews ~ March, 2002


THE BAY AREA MINERALOGISTS will have their next meeting on WEDNESDAY, the 13th of March, 2002 at Foothill College, Rm P-24, Geology Bldg, Los Altos Hills, CA

As Magi returning from east,
   You bring us prophecies
Of what was seen distant,
   Among the pilgrims from afar,
In the holiest of sanctuaries:

You gave gifts of precious banknotes,
   Strange lasergraphs emblazon on plastic,
Oh wise sages of journeys undescribed,
   Review to us the secrets learned,
That also we may enjoy the mysteries.

As with any good poetry, the message might be difficult to ascertain, especially for those moribund technocrats, but there really is no need to confound yourself unnecessarily. Just bring those cardboard flats and $500 cabinet chunks, that you purchased last month, to us unbelievers. We do homage to you.

The program last January, Tucson buying strategies, was superseded by Steve Smith describing his efforts putting on line a gigantic cooper mine. Steve, as a Betchel engineer, is usually gone most of the year overseeing such construction projects and we on the quick of the moment changed the venue. Thanks Steve for this presentation and taking the time to drive all the way down from Berkeley. Don⤁t take the chance on missing a meeting! Rick promises strategies in the opportunistic future.

Upcoming programs are: April, Ted Hadley, Travels to Idrya, Solvenia and May, Chris Dileonardo, mineralization of faults. Fen Cooper puts out that he would like to organize a Champion Mine event in June. Give him your encouragement.

Rick Kennedy reports that Steve Perry has been kind enough to give BAM permission for a weekend field trip to Garnet Hill. Hard hats are required, and we get to pick the weekend in April or early May.

Dues are due. Still a bargain at six clams a year. Mail and make payable your check to John Magnasco 1851 McBain Ave San Jose, CA 95125, or pay at the meeting.

Joe Cernac