BAMnews ~ April, 2002

THE BAY AREA MINERALOGISTS will have their next meeting on WEDNESDAY, the 8th of May, 2002 at Foothill College, Rm P-24, Geology Bldg, Los Altos Hills, CA

Chris Dileonardo with Mineralization of Faults is coming to BAM's May meeting. Prof. DiLeonardo is our Foothill College. His work has been with the myriad of faults about our area and the processes that deposit minerals within the open spaces. Join us for this presentation of the genesis of fault zone minerals.

Ted Hadley introduced Slovenia to us this past meeting. Quite a place, possibly the most wild wooded country in Central Europe with mountains, caverns, rivers and plenty of churches to have to yourself in the countryside. There's a smattering of mercury minerals besides all this tourist stuff. Thanks Ted.

Rick Kennedy has set up the Garnet Hill trip for May 18 & 19, Saturday and Sunday. There will be a discussion this meeting about various matters related to the event. Which is to say, ride sharing, meeting places, times, 4 wheel drives, back hoes, dynamite. The lease holder is asking that everyone have a hard hat and sign a liability waver. (I say donšt forget your bug juice!)

Garnet Hill is located 40 mi east of Jackson on highway 88, just downstream of Salt Lick Resevoir. (I hope I got that body of water right.) For those of you who have never been there, accommodations are handy with a USFS campground right nearby on the river. For more info, visit the Field Activities link or call our mover, Fen, at 831 423 4138.

A BAM field trip to Champion Mine is coming about this October. Be a planner, contact Fen at 831 423 4138.

My apologies to the email listees last month. It appears that my PC or ethernet subscriber hit a snag and the message didnšt get transmitted, unknown to me. Just one example where snail mail won the race.

As always, we accept material related to the mineral world for publication. Drop some in the mail and see this newsletter grow.

Joe Cernac