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Azurite, malachite. Puit IX, Zelidja mine, Touissit dist., Oujda-Angad prov., Oriental region, Morocco. 5 x 5 cm 77g. A brilliant group of gemmy crystals as can be seen. These also have that "schiller" like chatoyancy of the crystals where there is a sort of green and blue reflection coming out of the crystals. This is more obvious on the flat lying crystals. Displays well either lying horizontal or vertical. A very nice specimen.

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Azurite, malachite. Milpillas mine, Sonora, Mexico. 5 x 6.5 cm 106g. A 4 cm crystals nested in velvet malachite. The brilliant blue area is where the crystal had some bits of white (sandstone?) embedded on the edges of the crystal...maybe where it was contacting the other side of the pocket? Another large bladed azurite crystal is in the upper right area of the specimen in this photo. It has a few fragments of the white (sandstone?) embedded in it. Pretty piece. The malachite is slightly darker green than the photo would indicate.