Western Idaho Itinerary

by Jan Evanich

The Bay Area Mineralogists annual field trip this year will be to the far reaches of Western Idaho from July 17 through July 24. Following is the initial itinerary that will serve as the travel and site collecting template for this week long trip. Inevitably there will be some adjustments, but for planning purposes, we will use this as the itinerary.

Saturday, July 17-----Travel from home to Jordan Valley, Idaho and plan to meet as a group by 3:30-4:00pm at a designated site in this small community. Plan to depart for South Mountain at about 4:30pm and arrive to setup dry camp for the night. Depending on travel time, there may be enough time to scout the various sulfide dumps in the area. At this time of year, it stays light to about 9pm.

Sunday, July 18-----Field collecting all day at Texas Mine dumps and various others in the South Mountain vicinity. We will be checking a good variety of well known sites (including the Laxey dumps) for collecting access. Remain at base camp this evening.

Monday, July 19-----Depart for the small settlement of Cuprum in the Seven Devils District of Western Idaho near Hell's Canyon. Plan to make a stop in Boise for any major supplies and, time permitting, a visit to the local Gem and Mineral shop. Goal is to arrive in Council by 3pm for final ice-up, fuel, etc. This is the last real civilized settlement with any creature comforts, so load-up while you can and don't forget the insect repellent. Horseflies can be carnivorous at this time of year I am told. From Council we will travel through Cuprum to the Landore site and setup base camp. Black lighting anyone?

Tuesday, July 20-----Collecting all day at The Arkansas Mine and The Blue Jacket Mine and dozens of other prospects/sites near base camp. Black lighting at night.

Wednesday, July 21-----Break camp early morning and depart for the South Peacock Mines near the site of Helena. We will checkout the collecting potential of the Alaska Mine in route to the South Peacock. Continue travel and establish base camp area near South Peacock Mine. There will be field collecting the rest of the day in this vicinity and setup of base camp early pm.

Thursday, July 22-----Remain at South Peacock and for day collecting. Break camp late afternoon and return to Blue Jacket Mine area and explore Pepperbox Hill prospects. This would be the time to make any side trips to re-supply, if necessary, in Council. Base camp at Blue Jacket Mine this evening.

Friday, July 23-----Last full day of collecting. Members can choose to remain at base camp and continue collecting or take a day trip to White Mountain Mine and return to base camp late afternoon. This mine is the most remote one, so the choice will be individual.

Friday night will be the annual "Oh Hell" card game in memory of BAM member Bob Herrold. And of course, the much coveted "mineralized helmet" trophy will be awarded to the member who best exhibits the ability to BS their way through the evening ......

Saturday, July 24-----Break camp and depart for Home. Travel day today and Sunday. Some members may choose to select a favorite site along the route home (Majuba or Willard anyone?) to camp and then finish the drive home on Sunday.

This trip is a seven day camping event with much of it dry-camp. So plan accordingly. There are two days, Monday and Thursday that you can re-supply as noted in the itinerary.

If you are seriously interested in participating in the trip, let me know. I can be contacted by email at djevan@aol.com or phone 408-505-2960

Dan Evanich