BAM Biographies:   Dan Evanich


Dan Evanich. The first exposure to geology and mineralogy for Dan was while he lived in New Mexico around the time he was seven or eight years old. His parents had moved to Farmington in 1959, located the "Four Corners" area, just south of the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. Tur- quoise, fossilized dinosaur bones, and petrified wood were among every young boy's treasures then, and it was about  this time  that a strong  level of

curiosity to understand more about the formation of rocks and minerals first developed.

He was introduced to BAM in 1998 by long time members Rick Kennedy and John Magnasco. Since then, Dan has been an integral part in the coordination of many BAM field collecting trips throughout the Western US including the states of California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Idaho.

Born in Springfield, Illinois, in 1951, Dan moved west with his family, first to Colorado, then New Mexico, and finally to California. After graduating from High School in 1969, he embarked on a career in electronics that would last some 35+ years. These were the early days in the history of the electronics industry in Silicon Valley. Dan was fortunate to be involved in many aspects of the evolution in consumer electronics products from the manufacture of silicon wafers for early IC chips all the way through the introduction of 70" LCD Televisions and high resolution digital cameras. Dan retired as National Account Manager for Sony Electronics in 2012, and has since been able to devote more time to furthering his knowledge of rare minerals as well as field collecting.

Dan's collecting focus is on minerals from Butte, Montana, along with a few other classic localities throughout the Western US including Tiger and Bisbee, Arizona, San Benito County, California, and Majuba Hill Mine, Nevada. Silver and silver ore minerals from the Western states have become a more recent focus in his personal collection. In addition to BAM, Dan is an active member of Northern California Mineralogical Association (NCMA) and Crystal Gazers of San Francisco.

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